Live Free or Die 4th of July!

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July 5, 2015 by kittynh

New Hampshire as usual celebrated Independence Day the only way it knows how, with lots and lots of fireworks.  Don’t worry, it’s all legal.


The holiday starts with stories on the news of people in vans being arrested in Vermont and Mass.  That’s because the “anything goes” fireworks laws of New Hampshire do not apply in neighboring states.  Vans full of fireworks go over the border to be sold at highly inflated prices, or just to give that out of state party a bit of pizazz.

Lovely night in Lake Franklin Pierce

Lovely night in Lake Franklin Pierce

Then my family and I settle in at our friend Steve’s house.  He puts up a sign on Lake Franklin Pierce in Antrim, letting everyone know when the show will start.  A favorite viewing spot is from a boat on the lake.  My husband and I prefer the show from Steve’s yard.

the fireworks are all stored in the boat house. It hasn't gone up yet!

the fireworks are all stored in the boat house. It hasn’t gone up yet!

This year it was especially lovely as the house across the lake from Steve’s decided that dueling fireworks would be extra exciting.  The view from across the lake was incredible, and I can’t imagine the people in the boats in the middle of the barrage were feeling.  I imagine there was some hearing damage, to say nothing of the smoke, but it was quite beautiful.

dueling fireworks, from both ends of the lake.

dueling fireworks, from both ends of the lake.

When the fireworks start out, it’s still a bit light out so I get some nice photographs.  However, this show usually lasts about an hour so I have more trouble as the night gets darker.  This year I was trying to capture the lights of the many boats on the lake.  However, this year was also very cold.  We were huddled in blankets watching the show.  So my hand shook.  I found I liked the fuzzy result.  (remember I enjoy abstract art!)

cold night shaky hands

cold night shaky hands

So I began to move on purpose, and even with my really cheap camera was happy with the results.  I may even put some of these in the annual Antrim art show.  Modern art needs more representation!

you never know what you'll end up ....

you never know what you’ll end up ….

No fires this year as there had been quite a rainstorm earlier in the day.  By midnight the fireworks from everyone seemed to be over.  I think it was just too cold to go long into the night  Past years have seen fireworks going until two am and later.

too dark for my camera, eh I like the result!

too dark for my camera, eh I like the result!

The next morning was the BOAT PARADE around Lake Pierce.  Next year I would like to take part, we forgot and everything was closed on July 4th.  You have to decorate your boat, and so have plans to start shopping now for next year’s parade.(everything will be on clearance!)

boat parade on Sunday

boat parade on Sunday

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