Male vs. Female OB/GYN (or you want to put your hand where?)

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February 14, 2015 by kittynh

A question all women have to answer for themselves. Who do you feel comfortable when it comes to being checked out “down there”?

Yankee Skeptic

Many of my female friends, both online and in real life, have mentioned that they would never be a patient of a male gynecologist.  Among many reasons given:

“Because only a man would only want that job if he were a pervert.”

( I’ve countered with “Well what about lesbians? Do you refuse to see lesbian or bi sexual gynecologists also?”)

“Only a woman could truly understand female problems!”

( I’ve countered that with my own personal history with female gynecologists. I have had both male and female and the female ones have been much tougher and less sympathetic than the males.  My male current male gynecologist will say “I don’t know personally what you are going through, but I’m going to try to help you.”)

“My husband doesn’t want another man touching me there.”

(My husband enjoys having another man explain “things” to him.  I find he feels uncomfortable…

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