What the Heck is THAT? My daily brain game…


May 4, 2014 by kittynh

What are these?

What are these?

Jeff Wagg runs the College of Curiosity.  It’s not a college with actual real estate, if anything the college courses take place in your mind.  His site is where any student can be educated on all that is strange and different in our universe.  Jeff’s podcast is a delightful listen, where you can gain information to impress your friends and relatives ;such as WHY there are so many pineapples on Colonial buildings.

The site will also keep you updated on where Jeff and his wonderful wife Jenn might be showing off their travelling cabinet of curiosities.  In other words, a table of cool stuff to look at and play with.

Jeff also runs cruises for the curious.  It certainly isn’t your grandparents cruise.  You may come back with a tan, but you’ll also come back with a much more informed brain.

I have to admit my favorite part of the site is the “Mystery Object”  Jeff posts an object each weekday, and I check in everyday.  Some of the mystery objects have never been solved.  We still don’t know exactly why so many buildings in Chicago have these mystery buttons.

Most of the objects are already known, but some aren’t, and the readers are the ones that solve the mystery.  Jeff has started many of his readers on mystery object quests.  I recently turned my car around to take a photograph of a mysterious object sitting on a trailer.  It took several people to help find the answer. Jeff welcomes submissions, and many of his readers have their phone cameras at the ready just in case they find see something mysterious.

I enjoy visiting the local antique/junk shops.  While the owners usually write what they think an  object is on the sale tag, they have been known to be wrong.  Also, if I don’t know what it is just by looking at it, I take a photograph and send it off to Jeff to see if it’s mysterious enough for his site.  This makes life just a little more fun.  I’m always curious about the world around me, just hoping something will show up worthy of photographing.  It is surprising how many things a person runs across during the week that they aren’t sure just what it is.

I send most of my good mysterious objects to Jeff, please check his site for his updated items.  Also make a guess!

These objects I did not however send on as I wanted to do my own “What is this” for today’s post.

I picked up two at the local grocery store.  When the check out person, a teenage boy, picked them up he said “What are these?”  The young teenage girl packing the groceries looked at him and said “Shhh!”  They both turned bright red and looked at me.

I almost broke out laughing, because I knew what they were thinking.  Since I am older than their mothers, they were being very polite to not say what they thought these items were.

I assured them the objects are rated G.


Jeff gives hints.  So I will give some hints for these items.

New.   Purchased at a food store in Keene NH.

1.The color has nothing to do with the use.

2. Size matters, though this is an unusual size for this object.  Usually they are bigger.

Good luck and start guessing.  Also visit Jeff’s site and start guessing!







8 thoughts on “What the Heck is THAT? My daily brain game…

  1. Kitty Lapin Agile says:

    Reblogged this on Two Different Girls and commented:
    So, what is your guess? What are these objects? If you aren’t playing the “What is it?” Game at college of Curiosity you are missing out….

  2. Sonia Lal says:

    I am thinking the same thing those kids are thinking. But if it’s rated G, than I have no idea.

  3. John Stewart says:

    Purchased in a food store? But that doesn’t mean it has anything to do with food. Maybe seasonal recreational equipment? I was thinking a float of some sort, or maybe a boat fender, but there is no attachment point, unless one is supposed to add an eyescrew to the end shown in the 4th photo.

  4. kittynh says:

    it is sold seasonally! or so far as I can tell. I found it an odd shape for the use, but can see it will come in handy in the summer.

  5. ubi dubium says:

    Your items look like they have a stopper at one end, so I’m guessing they are full of something. Some sort of ice pack, maybe to fit in a water bottle? My daughter has a water bottle that came with something that looked kind of like that. You froze the gel-filled core, then it fit into the bottle to keep your drink cold.

    • kittynh says:

      Yes! Only for some reason these are too fat to fit in a water bottle!!! I have no clue why they are the shape they are, but they are good as they fit between stuff in my small cooler. Most of those reusable ice things take up too much space. These are just right to fit around whatever is in the cooler.

      • ubi dubium says:

        I don’t think they’d fit into the neck of the standard bottle of water that you buy in 24-paks at Costco. But they look like they’d fit really well into the larger higher-end refillable sports bottles.

      • kittynh says:

        good point! I’m going to use them with a wide mouthed bottle! I actually like that kind of water bottle best, as you can actually clean it.

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