Happy Turkey Day, and just turkey….a diabetic Thanksgiving

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November 27, 2013 by kittynh

it’s going to be a very turkey holiday….

Two Different Girls

My husband begged me not to relate the story of his famous “Australian Turkey” again this year.  I’ll just refresh the memories of those that missed my blog post on this last year.  My husband is in charge of the turkey, and the first year he took over this part of Thanksgiving he complained I had bought a bird that had “hardly any meat on it!”  A quick check showed that he had cooked it upside down, and I had to break it to him he had cooked an Australian turkey.

Every year he asks “Is this Australian or American?”  We do like it American style.

We are familiar with turkeys.  Our home is built in an area that used to be known for good turkey hunting.  The first time I called a plumber, the only plumber in town, he gave me a long lecture on how the new group…

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