Who knows what went wrong with the Doctor Who jello mold?


October 20, 2013 by kittynh

My friend Natalie is a huge Doctor Who fan.  Maybe fan isn’t enough of a word for her expertise and involvement.  She has not only an extensive collection of rare videos, she also has an incredible knowledge of all the bonus scenes and hidden cookies.

Natalie also is also helping run a Doctor Who convention, and is my own personal guide to learning all about The Doctor.  (I learned early on, it was perfectly fine to write “Dr.Who”, or at least the BBC did so!)

The plate was chosen carefully.

The plate was chosen carefully.

Natalie has all sorts of wonderful Doctor Who (or if you go by the early years “Dr.Who”) related items.  Her latest is a tardis mold, which can be used for making jello (blue of course).  The problem is we aren’t really regular uses of the jello product line.  We were a little unsure quite how it worked, even with the help of the directions on the box of jello.

It should also be noted we only had a small dorm type refrigerator to work with.  I turned up the temperature setting thinking to help the mold set faster.  Instead we sent the tardis into some sort of ice field, perhaps looking for those lost Yeti episode tapes, and it came out rather frozen.

we still had hope at this point

we still had hope at this point

Ever hopeful, we let it defrost.  Our plan was also to have the tardis land on some mysterious Medieval setting, so we picked a plate to reflect a new adventure!  No boring landing spot for our jello tardis.

is there a doctor in the house?

is there a doctor in the house?

The results were less than perfect, even The Doctor would have had problems fixing our tardis blob.  There is always next attempt, and even as a blob the tardis jello was quite tasty if not aesthetically pleasing.

doctor fail

The tardis had no chance against the giant killer rabbits of the planet “can’t read directions correctly”

2 thoughts on “Who knows what went wrong with the Doctor Who jello mold?

  1. Michael Fisher says:

    Jello is called Jelly here in the UK

    Jelly is lovely even as a savoury food ~ I read of someone who encased their xmas dinner in Jelly [not a blue, sweet jelly though!]

    I assume your error was the freezing of the jelly because the ice crystals will break the complex long threads of gelatin into short strands resulting in a mushy mess

    Also, when you’re ready to decant the solid jelly from the mould [mold] onto a plate… first warm the outside of the mold briefly by placing it in warm water for half a minute

  2. calliarcale says:

    Having small children, I’ve done a few jello molds. 😉 (Not a TARDIS yet, alas! I need to get me one of those molds!) Here are a few tips:

    1) Spray the inside of the mold with cooking spray. Don’t worry, it won’t taste all nasty and greasy, but it will help the thing release.

    2) Briefly (15 seconds or less) dip the bottom of the mold in hot water; this will also help it release. (Longer and it will melt.)

    3) If shape is really important, don’t just do the basic jello recipe; do the jello jiggler recipe, which has twice as much gelatin (or half as much water, depending on how you look at it). The result is a little more chewy, but holds its shape a lot better. The official recipe is here:


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