Syracuse! Come hear me talk! (Learn to collect Bigfoot DNA!)


August 30, 2013 by kittynh


I’m going to give my yearly talk to the wonderful CNY Skeptics.  They are fabulous, a speakers dream, and always make me feel welcome.

The audience is always intelligent and challenging.  The atmosphere is always relaxed and fun. CNY skeptics have free pizza and soda!  So you can eat and listen!  I always relax because I figure even if my talk is a dud, the audience is enjoying pizza.

I am treated like a Queen.  My husband is always happy to tag along, and we both enjoy Lisa and David ,the CNY skeptics that keep things running smoothly.  Our treat after a good talk is a visit to Dinosaur BBQ, which our good hosts insist on paying for.

I’m lucky enough to be going back for my 4th talk.  This year it’s a bit controversial.

I have been doing more work with paranormal groups and believers.  I’ve found working together, or at least maintaining a level of civility and respect, can result in more critical thinking on the part of believers and shared information that helps me with my investigations.  In other words skepticism benefits when there is some cooperation, rather than just confrontation.

It’s going to be a  lot of fun also, as I plan to hand out Bigfoot DNA collection kits.  We’re all going to learn how to collect DNA if we happen to hit a Squatch with our car, though I’m having problems finding a dead Squatch for us to practice on.  Still, I’ll keep my eyes open!

The talk is open to the public, and I think anyone that wants can tag along to Dino BBQ after!

Come! I’ve had some fun times with skeptic investigation! It’s great to share stories!

2 thoughts on “Syracuse! Come hear me talk! (Learn to collect Bigfoot DNA!)

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  2. […] Syracuse! Come hear me talk! (Learn to collect Bigfoot DNA!) ( […]

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