Religious Propaganda or Cryptozoologist Field Guide?


August 4, 2013 by kittynh

I’m not going to post where these are located, simply as I worry these beautiful posters are vulnerable to being stolen where they are hanging.  However, during a visit to a historic church nearby, I saw these posters on the walls.


There is also history. But I like the strange critters best of all.


This is one very cool beast. I love the stars around the tail!

I thought it looks like a cryptozoologists field guide!  But instead these bizarre creatures represent people, cultures and religions.  I was told they possibly represent creatures from Revelation, but being raised a liberal Episcopalian, I am unfamiliar with that part of the Bible.


The caretakers of this church were so friendly that I was allowed unsupervised access to the church.  I was even given the key to the church and told “Oh just return it when you are done.”  I found their trusting and friendly nature gave me a very positive feeling about this religions current state.  Skeptics tend to slam religion, but the religious are often very nice people.  These were very nice people.


you can be assured the church is NOT CATHOLIC

I found the depictions delightful, if rather unsettling to my modern day skeptic mind.  These images show the roots of racism and hatred, how at one time people were taught Catholics and Protestants and other religions NOT OUR RELIGION were evil. Sadly, people are still taught this.  This was just a historic look at how it was taught in the past.  My atheist and agnostic friends often forget the great infighting that still goes on between different religions, even Christian religions.


also the church is not Protestant!

I hope you enjoy these images.   These hang now as nothing more than historic curiosities reflecting the very old age of the church.


I especially like Persia, now there is a pet! The Media is not referring to the press, but Medea. (I think, I’m a little off with my Biblical history)


I rather imagine in the future someone finding these and saying “Obviously these kind of animals lived in the area!  No one could just make something like this up!”

Yes, they could.  Something we should all be aware of when looking at Egyptian tombs, and yes I’m talking to you producers of the show “Ancient Alien Astronauts”.

3 thoughts on “Religious Propaganda or Cryptozoologist Field Guide?

  1. hardindr says:

    Ah, it must be a Millerite religion. Daniel is an apocalypse full of “prophecy,” allegory and symbolism, to be for sure.

  2. Matthew (aka Bruto) says:

    I saw a reference to this on another site, and in case one is interested, most if not all the images here come from a follower of William Miller, named J.V. Himes, who published a number of charts and posters relating to Miller’s prophesied apocalypse of 1843 using the same images a number of times. I don’t know if these creatures appear in the Revelations, but I rather suspect they come from Mr. Himes’s imagination. Here are a couple of other examples:

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