Luciana, don’t read this blog post!


July 21, 2013 by kittynh

I’ve met many good friends at TAM, the Amazing Meeting.

One of my favorite friends from TAM is Luciana.  She is a beautiful young woman from Brazil.  At home she has an important job with the government of Rio de Janeiro.  Luciana shares the same birthday as my daughter Evelyn.  She’s bright, she’s stylish, she’s upbeat and always happy, and she is very kind.  I don’t know anyone that doesn’t adore her.

Luciana (from fb)

Luciana (from fb)

However Luciana has one non skeptic phobia.  She is very afraid of cockroaches.  Afraid is not strong enough a word.  She is paralyzed with fear around a roach.  She had mentioned this at TAM, but I never knew how bad her fear was until I send her a wind up cockroach toy.

Most of us don't like roaches, to Luciana these are the stuff of nightmares

Most of us don’t like roaches, to Luciana these are the stuff of nightmares

She was so afraid, of a toy, that she to call the janitor of her building to come remove the toy.  I apologized, it was meant for a joke and I never meant to cause her a moments anxiety.

Even one is too many!

Even one is too many!

That’s why whenever I see a cockroach, which is rare as I’m very clean, I think of Luciana.

I'm told some people eat these, I would only if I were starving.  Luciana would starve.

I’m told some people eat these, I would only if I were starving. Luciana would starve.

My daughter asked to go to one of our favorite places, Magic Wings, for her birthday.  There I saw a tank of cockroaches that made me think of, who else, Luciana.  So Luciana, this post is NOT for you.  It’s for other people, like myself, who can look at this tank of bugs and go “Those sure are big!”.

6 thoughts on “Luciana, don’t read this blog post!

  1. Kathleen says:

    One of things I learned *after* moving to Vegas is that it doesn’t matter how clean you are, there are cockroaches EVERYWHERE! The best you can do is keep them from coming into the house and mostly out of the yard. We have a pest company come every 4-6 weeks to spray the yard and around the outside of the house and garage to keep them out. They will laugh at you if you use the store bought stuff, the roaches eat the bait for breakfast and keep coming to look for more.

  2. Geek Goddess says:

    She wouldn’t like the realistic rubber cockroach I use to scare my mother.

    BTW, you can be very clean and have roaches. An etymologist told if you have a pet with a bowl for food and water, you have roaches.

  3. Why did you leave a “don’t read this blog post” comment on my blog? Is it just spam or backlinking? Either way I will never approve a comment that says “don’t read this blog post”.I think you can see how that will be seen as an attack on my blog. If you have a real comment that has something to do with my blog then I might approve it with a link to your blog.

    • kittynh says:

      I’m confused how it got there, but saying “don’t read this blog” is a joke. Sorry, I don’t think I commented on your blog, though I did post it on fb in a comment section. It’s FUNNY as Luciana HATES cockroaches, so I wrote a blog “don’t read this blog” for HER. Sorry, I should have thought how it would look…not good…but she should NOT read any blog about bugs.

  4. kittynh says:

    I also learned this living in Florida. They came and sprayed every month. We had to leave for the day, including the cat. So it does have nothing to do with clean, but my belief is that a cheap NY pizza joint can grow them bigger than anywhere else. I was in a pizza place, and a roach came out….a cop picking up a pizza offered to pull out his gun and shoot it. I don’t see how he could miss, it was that big.

  5. I also hate the roaches especially flying ones.We can only keep the environment around us to eliminate the roaches.I am so shocked by so many and big roaches in the pictures and the video.

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