Why Randi is Amazing

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July 9, 2013 by kittynh

There is very much a TAM (the Amazing Meeting) theme to my posts these days leading up to TAM.

I wanted to share just one of many stories from TAM about James (the AMAZING) Randi.

One TAM I checked in early and hurried down to the Del Mar Lounge to meet up with the large JREF/TAM group always hanging out there. You want a friend, go to the Del Mar wearing your name badge.

I saw Randi in line at the Del Mar Deli.  I hurried over for a hug, and he said “Oh they have spelled your name incorrectly on your badge!”


I looked, and it was true.  I just had not noticed it said “Kiity”.

Randi was being a bit “naughty” and was in line to order something delicious.  His partner Deyvi soon came over and was “What is THAT!”  It was not on the diet I am guessing.


Now that is an amazing muffin

We all were soon catching up and having fun.  Deyvi did not notice the badge misspelling.  I thought I would not get the badge changed and see if anyone else noticed.  I am the definition of “social butterfly” at TAM, but no one else mentioned the misspelling. I met many people that LOOKED at my name badge and said “Oh Hello Kitty!”  (Because that is a joke I have never heard before.)  No one but Randi pointed out my name badge was wrong.  Please no jokes that Randi when standing is about at the level where my name badge hangs.  Yes I am tall, and her is perhaps a bit shorter.  But I also met many other people of similar stature to Randi and none of the mentioned the misspelling!

He is indeed, AMAZING.

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