TAM, where to eat?

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June 25, 2013 by kittynh

TAM is coming up soon (hope to see you there).

One thing people often ask at the Forum Welcome Table (we’re right behind the registration area) is where to eat.  South Point has a wonderful selection of restaurants for all budgets.

If you are hanging out at the Del Mar, there is the slow but steady Del Mar Deli.  The sandwiches are big enough to share.  You can also bring your sandwich into the Del Mar so you can keep enjoying the company of your skeptic friends.  However, the line can be long.  There is also a hot dog cart type thing nearby, and Kate’s Corner, which has ice cream.  Both of these are easily brought into the Del Mar lounge area.


There might be some drinking going on.

The Coronado Cafe is probably the favorite place to eat.  Lines can be long for seating but tend to move quickly.  I like it for breakfast.  Your typical eggs, bacon, toast fare.  However, there is also a full Chinese (American style) menu.  If you have people with many different dietary needs in your group, this is a good choice.  I like the low prices and quick service.  It won’t be a memorable meal except for the company, but it’s not bad.

The Garden Buffet has the worst reviews of all the restaurants at South Point (as voted on by the JREF forum).  You’ll probably eat there as there is a discount coupon in the free booklet you get when you check in. Other than that, skip it.


The Bacon and Donut Party is good, but we can’t live on bacon and donuts alone.

Steak and Shake is a chain restaurant most people are probably already familiar with.  Good burgers, a nice change from the Coronado.

Baja Miguel’s Mexican is rather good.  Low prices for a very filling meal that is a step above Taco Bell.  Good drinks.  It’s also a tad less manic than the Coronado or the other restaurants near the casino floor.  I always stop in and the bar there is much more quiet than the Del Mar.  If you just want to meet up with one or two friends, it’s the place to be.


“we’re bored, let’s eat!”

The Big Sur Oyster Bar is a bit pricier as it is seafood, which has to be flown into Vegas.  Still, if you really like seafood, it’s not bad.  The atmosphere is a bit cramped, with counter style dining and only a few tables.  I would rather eat seafood at one of the nicer restaurants, where it’s more peaceful and the price isn’t that much more.


Don Vito’s is I am told very good.  More pricey, but not bad for the quality of the food.  There are some new restaurants, Primarily Prime Rib (which I hope gives you a better prime rib than the Coronado).  Also new, Zenshin.  It’s “Asian” with a Japanese accent.  I have been told by the JREF forum Japanese dining expert it’s not “real Japanese”.  For that you need to go to the strip where there are some lovely hidden gems.

The Silverado Steakhouse is good, not Lowry’s quality, but if you are staying at South Point, the steaks have been given good reviews by the JREF forum members.


appetizer at Michael’s

Michael’s, where I have eaten, is truly a lovely restaurant.  I consider it a treat, after eating at the Deli and Coronado, it’s nice to have one meal at Michael’s.  The menu variety is nice, especially for those not wanting a giant hunk of meat.  Reservations are suggested for the nicer South Point eating spots.

There is also a small hotel “mini mart” that sells liquor and snacks including energy bars.  Good selection for late night snacking or a room party.

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