The original Ghostbusters: The English Society for the Extermination of Ghosts (1908)


May 18, 2013 by kittynh

I would say most skeptics can easily explain the young girl that came to visit Charles Dove. He dresses much better than today’s ghost busters.

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The original ghostbusters

In Edwardian London, if you had something strange in your neighbourhood then you would most likely call on the services of one Charles Dove. The establishment of the English Society for the Extermination of Ghosts, was borne out of several gentlemen having far too much time on their hands and a desire to find something more purposeful for their redundant athletic qualities.

Dove placed several advertisements in local papers at the time and was most surprised to be inundated with applications to join his team. However, despite the immediate allure, Dove promised each man signing up to the ‘Death on Ghosts’ brigade nothing more than an oak cudgel to lay the unsuspecting phantoms. And, although all the ghost warriors professed their disbelief in ghosts, I am reliably informed that Dove decided it wise always to send two hunters to lay away the reported miscreant spectre.

The Times, April 18…

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One thought on “The original Ghostbusters: The English Society for the Extermination of Ghosts (1908)

  1. John Stewart says:

    That bit about the ghosts showing up only on payday reminded me of this from Albert and the ‘Eadsman:

    Said Beefeater ‘You ought to come Fridays
    If it’s ghost of Anne Boleyn you seek,
    Her union now limits her output
    And she only gets one walk a week.

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