Cabot Library, Alien Abduction! Tuesday night!


May 12, 2013 by kittynh

If you have a chance, come see and hear me at the Cabot Library (Cabot Vermont, they make great cheese!).


Betty and Barney Hill, and don’t forgot Delsey the dog! (drawing by Noah Whippie)

A very informal night, where Chip Taylor and I talk about the Hill Abduction and the aftermath.  There are many theories about what happened that night in New Hampshire, I like to talk about what happened afterward.  Betty and Barney Hill lives changed forever that night, no matter what really happened.

Kick back, as this talk is going to be more of a discussion.  I always learn a lot from any audience I speak to, and Chip says the good people of Cabot are happiest with informality.

I really hope some local abductees come to share their stories, it’s always lovely to interact with believers as well as skeptics.

As usual, my expertise isn’t so much in what happened on that long lonely drive, as much as what happened to the Hills, and our perception of aliens and UFO’s afterward.

Great fun, and heck ask me about Bigfoot Club also if you like!

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