Snow Orbs (ghosts, spirits, or weird musicians?)


April 18, 2013 by kittynh

(I decided to post this, as I had forgotten to.  I am going to pretend it means we won’t get anymore snow, however, I notice my friends in Colorado have some fresh fluff on the ground today)


I was looking on youtube and noticed a lot of snow orb vidoes.  These videos are described as “ghostly” and “Spirit orbs”.

I looked outside and it was snowing (not unusual for New Hampshire in March).  The dog wanted to go out, so I thought “I’ll take my camera and see if it is hard to film a snow orb.”

I thought it would take a few minutes to figure out angles or what was the trick to filming an orb.  Instead, all I had to do was point the camera.

It was interesting that the orbs all went away when the wind changed direction.  Then they come back when the wind resumes blowing my way.

The orbs are easy to explain, but that spooky music….  I don’t know what that was.

One thought on “Snow Orbs (ghosts, spirits, or weird musicians?)

  1. Faye Brown says:

    Fascinating !!! . I’ve often thought these to be free flowing trace Energies constituting living ‘Souls of Good Consciousness’ … each in their own bubble sphere of transparent Light … and I often consider just where did they all come from? … and do they sometimes come to comfort a sadness or sorrow detected in a person or animal? … and do they ever blend in one unified Light for comforting one another? … and have the purity and complex frequency signature of these Souls of Consciousness, kept them from the grasp of the satanic collector of souls? … are they attracted to commune with compatible signatures of Light detected in an individual?.. do they sometimes enter a womb at the moment of conception to bring a new hope into the world? … or do they seek to become one with a Loving and compatible like energy of heart, or of mind, to bring that individual to a Higher consciousness of awareness? .. could they be that which is referred to as a Holy Specter of white Light? .. sooooo many possibilities .. or is it that every one of these possibility is a truth …

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