Tea aisle, or medicine aisle?


April 14, 2013 by kittynh

There are those that drink coffee, and those that drink tea.  Sure, every once in awhile a tea or coffee drinker will give that other caffeinated beverage a try, but people generally stick with one of the other.


ahhhh tea! I even bought white tea cups like this for use at home

Studies have shown that both coffee and tea (in moderation) are good for our health!


Let’s face it, if you drink tea instead of eating that Snickers Bar (but I love me some Snickers) you will lose weight. California women probably swear by this tea.

While I admit I love my tea, I was unaware of just how incredibly diverse the health benefits of tea until I visited my first Asian grocery store.  My daughters and I discovered these great grocery stores in Boston.  Now, whenever we have a chance we visit Asian markets to stock up on our favorite teas, rices, and candy.


I needed this before Algebra….

Still, who can resist the teas. Not only do I pick up my favorite Jasmine tea at much lower prices than the regular grocery store, I can’t help but pick up a few teas with “special” claims.


I’m not sure if this cures something, or is just made from a horny goat, but of course I picked up many boxes of this tea to give as gifts. Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like a box of Horny Goat Weed tea!


I would say, I’m not sure what “Men Plus King Power” tea helps with. It’s cheaper than Viagra that’s all I will say.

2 thoughts on “Tea aisle, or medicine aisle?

  1. Thanks for the mention! I’ve seen horny goat weed before and definitely laughed out loud. I’m not sure what it is either…

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