Skeptics convert en mass as they find JESUS at TAM 10

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April 1, 2013 by kittynh

It can now be disclosed that many former top skeptics are not attending TAM11 in Las Vegas this year as they have discovered “Jesus”.

Luciana and Irena both agree “Since we found Jesus we are happier and now are looking for husbands we can serve and that can keep us pregnant and in the kitchen.  Also Jesus is quite refreshing.”

ImageFormer JREF President D.J., Richard Saunders and friends all are now living into a monastery in Paraguay making wine, cheeses and selling time shares in “Monk’s Acres”.  They agree “Finding Jesus was the most refreshing thing that has ever happened to us.”


ImageMost surprising, the “Amazing” Randi also admits to falling for the bubbly goodness that is “Jesus”.  However, he admits after rehab he is once again an Atheist, and plans to attend the conference this year.

To see who shows up and who doesn’t, register now!

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