Betty Hill’s UFO photograph


March 16, 2013 by kittynh

Betty Hill, of “Betty and Barney Hill Abduction” fame, had a photograph of a UFOBettyandBarney2ps she had seen.  While we remember Betty and her famous abduction thanks to the book, “The Interrupted Journey” and the TV movie starring James Earl Jones “The UFO Incident”, most people are unaware that Betty’s UFO experiences were far from over after the couples legendary New Hampshire abduction.

Betty had a secret UFO viewing spot, which I have been to several times.  A friend of Betty’s ,that had been part of the inner group she allowed to accompany her to this site, shared the location with Robert Scheaffer and myself.  It should be noted this man is a firm believer that Betty did see UFOs, and is unhappy with UFO believers that try to distance themselves from Betty’s later year UFO sightings.

I also have come to be very fond of Betty Hill. Reviewing her papers at the University of New Hampshire archives I began to feel  a closeness to a woman that I feel truly believed all her UFO sightings.  I respect her joie de vivre and sociable personality and her Civil Rights, political and social work.  Her interest in the world, even if it’s with a far more open mind than I have, was admirable.  To claim she was somehow depressed, or became slightly batty later in life, is unfair to the vibrant, intelligent woman she was her entire life.

I did find a video on youtube of Betty, and she pulls out a photograph of a UFO taken at the secret viewing spot.  I decided to see if I could recreate the UFO in the photograph.  Now I have photoshop and Betty did not.  When I think of the wonderful UFO blog Betty would have had, it makes me sad she is not alive today.

First a still from the video of the UFO photograph.

Photograph from secret viewing spot, the white spot is the UFO with perhaps some landing feet.

Photograph from secret viewing spot, the white spot is the UFO with perhaps some landing feet.

I have my photograph from almost the viewing area.  This is as it was in the camera.

hill light viewing north

Then I hit the “Enhanced” button on photoshop.

hill light fixed one

Last I decided to put in my own UFO, a very white one with some landing pods.

hill light viewing north_enhanced_editedwith ufo

It should be noted there were odd lights, in the direction of the next RR crossing in town, where there is a lot more traffic and also a store with bring lights.

hill lithstsow store

I also decided since I had more advanced technology I should try to make a far more “spooky” UFO photograph.

hill smudlge tiwlThe point I am trying to make is not that Betty’s enlarged photograph  of one of her very many sightings from the site is faked, just that I can make a photograph I feel that resembles somewhat the one she made. It should be noted, I did both my UFO’s in less than 5 minutes, and given time could probably do an almost exact copy of the shape of Betty’s UFO.  The point seemed to be bright white, to me it looked almost erased, so I used the “erase” function.

I plan to visit Betty’s viewing site again with the UFO expert Tim Printy  this Spring where he will be lead investigator.  I did view some very interesting lights, and  I hope Tim will be able to help prove at least some of the lights could be from the nearby store and busy crossing.

Daylight, seems quiet

Daylight, seems quiet

Meanwhile, I also plan to do more investigation at the archives and read the voluminous notes taken by Betty of her UFO sightings.  Betty Hill lived a life filled with UFOs and aliens, it’s a pleasure to investigate that life.


An update, my husband is a train expert, and suggestions that the light might have come from a train he says depends on when the photograph was taken.  During the 1980’s trains were required to have more lights than just a bright white front light.  So the photograph should have more lights.  The date is important, but it should also be noted that in the video the photograph looks far less like a train light than it does in the still.

2 thoughts on “Betty Hill’s UFO photograph

  1. kittynh says:

    Robert Scheaffer made the comment that perhaps it was a train light…. I think the video shows landing “feet”, but the date of the photograph is important. Trains today have more than just a white light in the front, but this is from the 1980’s. So this photograph if a train would have more than just a white light.

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