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February 10, 2013 by kittynh

A shared post, about why everyone should celebrate Black History month.

Two Different Girls

I was born in Washington DC, and grew up in the area.  It was only until I moved to New Hampshire that I noticed something was missing that I was used to, diversity.  We are a very “white” state.  Vermont, where I work, is even more “white”.  Both states are sadly lacking in Native American populations because of the propensity of Pilgrims to bring in diseases that didn’t agree with the locals.

Also, many early fights with the “Indians” weren’t with local natives, long since died out, but with Canadian Catholic Native populations.  These battles were much feared as hostages ended up being converted to Catholicism!  A wonderful book about this time is The Unredeemed Captive.

I have found both Vermont and New Hampshire to be very tolerant…

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