Help fight cancer and shame a “doctor” at the same time


January 12, 2013 by kittynh

I’m sharing this post from the JREF forum.


If you want to help, and who wouldn’t want to help fight childhood cancer and shame a “man” (I have my doubts about if this guy is really part of the human race) that has made money off the anguish of parents of sick children?  

This link will tell you all you need to know.

If you are like me you think “Oh wow, I can’t really afford to donate much.”  But they don’t need much, even $5 or $10 is important.  If you can afford more, well what more can I say than “helping sick children”?  

Here is the post I am honored to share


Last year, a man who had been hired by Stanislaw Burzynski threatened bloggers who were skeptical of Burzynski’s cancer treatment, “antineoplastons,” which he has long administered under the guise of “clinical trials.” None of these trials, in 30+ years has resulted in the publication of convincing evidence of anything other than that Burzynski is gaming the system, bilking ONLY the most desperate and vulnerable people. He demands that patients pay for the treatment up front, apparently $30,000 just to begin and several thousand (about $8K) every month thereafter, at least according to a recent victim who has since died. This is despite the fact that patients are generally not expected to PAY for experimental treatment. 

With the help of the JREF, Skepchick, and numerous other skeptical activists, the Skeptics for the Protection of Cancer Patients have started a fundraiser to stage a protest against the clinic, a protest that does more than just let people know that this is not right. We are raising money for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, who NEVER turn patients away if they can’t pay. We want to raise at least $30,000 by Stanislaw Burzynski’s 70th birthday, Jan 23, an insane amount for an insanely great cause. Then, on his birthday, the Skeptics for the Protection of Cancer Patients will be delivering a challenge to the Burzynski Clinic to MATCH THE TOTAL FUNDS RAISED BY SKEPTICS. Regardless of whether or not he participates, it will probably be the greatest thing ever done for cancer research in Stanislaw Burzynski’s name. 

Please visit thehoustoncancerquack dot com for links and research materials, including tips for forcing high-ranking content into google search results of likely Burzynski patients, putting reliable information into the hands of people who need it most.

We are determined to see this through. Those of us who believe in the promise of science to improve lives are confident that the skeptical community can raise as much money as a single family. We need your support. 


Enjoy this video where Dr.Burzynki and his treatments are discussed.

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