Using art to introduce science to the masses. The church did it, why not science?

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November 26, 2012 by kittynh


Tree of life lamp, truly beautiful

Hidden away on a side staircase very few people use is a beautiful lamp that shows the diversity of life.

I visit the Natural History Museum whenever I am in Paris, but I had never gone down this staircase before. I was stunned at this fabulous chandelier that lights up when a button is pushed on the board in front of it. I like to think of it as the “Tree of Life“. It is a work of art, that shows how diverse and beautiful life is. I plan to never miss seeing it again.

What I enjoy, is the blending of art and science, and education in this one lamp. We need more overlap of art and science. The church was an early supporter of art, and used art to indoctrinate people with religion. I think the same can be done with science. This beautiful piece of art can bring science to the masses. Anyone viewing this lamp wants to push the buttons and can’t help but learn something about biology. It’s far more evocative of the beauty that is life than just a diagram in a book.

the control board

That female figure is in space!

The same woman! Only she’s far away from the Earth by now!

spider web, I don’t know who has to clean this,
but I hope they are very careful

beautiful, and one of a kind?

Not a clue who made this….Lalique?

Science as art

There is a real spider web here on the lamp.
I would not want to be the person that has to clean it.
Somehow I don’t think it’s easy to buy replacement bulbs for this work of both science and art.

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