UFOs photographed over the Atlantic! (they move, kinda)


September 29, 2012 by kittynh

I’m flying to France, desperate to try to sleep knowing if I don’t I’m going to have very bad jet lag.  It’s hard as it’s still light out, but I finally doze off a bit.  I awake, and through very myopic eyes look out the window and see some UFOs.

so, I’m not the only alien going to France?

I become more awake, and while not taking my eyes off the UFOs fumble around for my glasses.  After I find them (I had somehow ended up sitting on them) I put them on and still see the UFOs.  I also see, they really aren’t moving.  I go closer to the window and see, they are just some small smudges on the outside of the window.

There’s more than one,
must be tourist season on Alpha Zeta!

I’ve seen countless UFO photographs over the years.  I decide to take some of my temporary UFOs (well I didn’t know WHAT those things were for a bit).  They look better than many of the photographs of UFOs I have seen over the years.  I tried making them look like they were moving in a sequence,  and found even more weird smudges that could look like possible UFOs.

these two photograph prove
that the objects were moving…

….or maybe my head and camera moved a bit.
we’ll never know will we?

I learned two things.

One, I can make  a pretty darn good UFO photograph while bored out of my mind flying to Europe

Two, removing your glasses really helps you see more UFOs.

One thought on “UFOs photographed over the Atlantic! (they move, kinda)

  1. Jeff Wagg says:

    Those are flying monkey ghosts, obviously.

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